Pure LeverageWhat would you say if I told you that Pure Leverage could give you the success in your home business that you have been struggling to gain? No doubt that you were searching online when you found my article here and the great news is that you are going to get the cold, hard, facts!

You wanted to learn more about this so called, “marketing suite” that is designed to solve your problems when it comes to marketing your home business. There is nothing better than finding a solution but it all comes down to whether or not it really “works”.

So, the idea here with this review is to answer those questions for you before you lay down the dollars. Make sure that you read this ENTIRE article, so that you know whether or not Pure Leverage is right for you!

What in the World is Pure Leverage?

Now that this system is on the market, it has people asking whether or not it can in fact, produce that consistent, predictable, residual income that everyone in the MLM industry is looking for. While the claim from the founder is a personal investment of more than $5 million dollars, does it truly have what you need in order to grow your business?

While the video may seem to be all about the materials things you can purchase when making money in the industry, what are others saying about Pure Leverage? If you go to the website, one of the things you will learn is that you can be a founding member as this is new, hot item. However, the product was designed by someone that has 14 years’ experience in network marketing. The promise of this product is:

 Teaching you everything you need to know

 The use of attraction marketing techniques to entice prospects

 Use the system to leverage not just you but your team for predictable monthly income

 Easy lead flow and more

So if you had a system like this to help you build your list, would you buy it? The tools included in addition to the reasons it would help you include:

1. Video email service

2. Authority blog

3. Turbo Traffic generation

4. 100 seat meeting room with Power Point presentations

All the things a network marketer could want and more to run their business from home. So, what’s the catch with this system? Is this system a bonafide tool worth buying and does and can it earn you additional income as it promises?

The Business of Pure Leverage

Pure Leverage Comp PlanNow that you know more about what Pure Leverage has to offer, is it right for you? The system appears to have anything a diehard network marketer would want, and yes, it does come with the ability to resell the product too.

Additionally, those that join can earn 100% commissions on all product sales, and that means from 100% of all direct referrals, meaning no passups. However, you should know that this is the first month, and all following months you will begin earning 50% on direct referrals as well as 50% bonus earnings on their sales too.

There really isn’t a catch, but all information is disclosed and understood upfront. After all, the company still needs to earn in order to keep putting out great training, products, revising terms and conditions and nothing out of the ordinary.

Are you ready to transform your business and get the lifestyle that you deserve? Are you tired of chasing friends and family to join you in your business? If so, then this is the system you are looking for. Why not join me now, and take a look at Pure Leverage, so you can find out what is on the inside!



Here’s Additional Bonuses For My Team:

You have Full Access To My Solo Ads Domination Course- “Which Shows You How To Make 3k Per Month Selling Solos.” ($99.97 Value)

You have Access To My Secret Skype Channel Where You Will Get Free Source of Traffic. ($397.00 Value)

You Will Have Access To My Co-Op Which will get your business Up and Running Fast. ($297.97 Value)

You will also have access to my Private Mastermind Group! ($999.97 Value)

All of this! When You Join Pure Leverage Right Here!


SEO Training CourseAn SEO training course may be just what you need if you are trying to hone your skills for your blog to promote your business. The right course is Predatory SEO from Rob Fore! There are tons of courses out there, books, and other helpful materials, but wouldn’t you rather hear it from the experts?

I know that I would, and there is nothing better than getting the education from the man himself. It’s important to learn the basic SEO skills, but in addition, it’s wise that you learn all of the ins and outs of SEO so that you can build your business from the ground up as quickly as possible with the basic skills.

Before you start buying other tools, let’s talk about good SEO, how it works, and how you can get started while the market is still hot and ripe for your writing. In this article I want to talk about this SEO training course, and why this is truly the only one you will EVER need.

What an SEO Training Course Can Teach You

So, why in the world would you need and SEO training course? No doubt you need one to teach you the basics of SEO, but it will help you stay polished and up to date on what is changing too. SEO isn’t just about finding the hottest keywords, but it’s also about putting those keywords to work.

SEO is how you make things work and help get yourself some visibility in the search engines. This is after all how it all works together right? You use a set of keywords and you put them in the right spot, right? Sure you do, but it’s still so much more. It’s targeting those in your audience and making sure that you are providing value for them.

This is why you need this training. Whether you have some tools or not, it doesn’t matter what you have if you don’t know how to use them. This is why I want to shed some light on the right course. That course is from Rob Fore, and it’s known as Predatory SEO!

Is Predatory SEO the Right SEO Training Course for You?

Let’s get one thing clear; the right SEO training course for you is no doubt what Rob Fore is offering and I’ll tell you why.

1. Rob Fore has built 6, six figure companies online

2. Rob Fore knows SEO because he learned it from the beginning

3. Rob Fore also has copy skills, and has tons of success mainly through SEO alone!

With success like this, how could you use anything else? If you really want to crush it online, and you are marketing with SEO, then you absolutely must get the right training. Getting training from an industry leader is NEVER bad, and always a wise investment NOT an expense.

I can assure you that my success online with SEO wasn’t because I am just that good. I needed a lot of help along the way, and Rob Fore is the one that I thank for that. To check out this SEO training course, CLICK HERE now, and let the leads start rolling in!

Truth About MLSP Mastery Membership

Mlsp Mastery MembershipIf you found this article, chances are that you were looking for more information on the MLSP Mastery Membership. I can’t speak for everyone, but I would say it’s pretty cool. I am in fact, rather biased, and that is because I believe in the system. However, it’s best for me to share with you some information first, just in case you heard about it, but you aren’t quite sure what to make of it.

The company behind this membership is none other than MLSP, or My Lead System PRO. This company was also known in the beginning as MLM Lead System Pro. What is the whole point of this venture? Simply put, for MLSP it’s all about capturing leads and that is the lifeblood of your business. Right?

This system was built to be a lead generator, a sales funnel, and more. You can have it all! This is why the founders of MLSP wanted to take things a step further and create the MLSP Mastery Membership. So, what is in store for those that choose to upgrade into this membership? Let’s take a look!

What is the MLSP Mastery Membership?

So, what in the heck is this MLSP Mastery Membership anyhow? Not only do you start off with being a member of MLSP, but you will also need to keep in mind that you need your blog which is what helps you generate leads and get access to some amazing training in this industry.

You cannot go wrong when you pay only $100 to get this membership, and once you are in, you get paid 100% pure profits. Does it get any better than that? No, of course not. Where else can you make 100% commission on anything you sell, even if you don’t own the rights? There isn’t any company that I know of that will do that.

Why? It’s crazy, it’s edgy, and it’s just what you need to help you explode your MLM. Folks if I didn’t believe in it, I wouldn’t be telling you this. I have a family, and I don’t have time to waste on things that don’t create value. This is why I am sharing this opportunity with you now.

Every product inside this membership will be available to you to sell in addition to you building traffic to your MLM, when you step up into the Mastery Membership. With 100% pure profit, what is there to think about? With every membership that signs up, you will be making $100. Done deal. So, all fees to join are paid directly to you!

What else is on the agenda?

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Get the MLSP Mastery Membership

Just in case you were in MLSP and you weren’t aware of this, you will also get access to one-time offers that are exclusive to those that are MLSP Mastery members. That’s right. Do you remember when you signed up all of the great products you were offered at a special price just because you joined? If so, then you will have the chance to access new stuff.

You don’t want to miss this, and with the great products out from industry leaders at special pricing, you would be nuts if you didn’t! My advice to you? To find out how and why you should be on this revolutionary webinar tomorrow, for the MLSP Mastery Membership, or why you should join me now CLICK HERE!

Neucopia Review: Live And Uncut Review

Neucopia ReviewJust when you thought you had heard it all you found this Neucopia Review to shake things up a bit! Could it be that this company is the next copycat chasing after the model of Empower Network? It’s always wise to research a company prior to jumping in with both feet and your pocket book. This is one I would definitely check out before jumping in.

It could be that you did join Neucopia, but perhaps you still feel like something is missing. This review is here to help answer those questions before you make a final decision, and to clear it all up before you stick around for more.

Don’t be surprised by all of the sites and the reviews popping up, because after all, it’s now a hot topic! So, what does this Neucopia Review mean for you? Let’s take a look at the company, the product they claim to offer, and above all, how you will earn income because that is the most important thing out of all of this!

Reading a Neucopia Review Will Help You Learn More About the Company and the Opportunity Before You Jump in!

So, before you jump in with both feet and hit the ground running, be honest with yourself about your knowledge of marketing, and what you are capable of.

1. Do you always want more information about the next big company?

2. Do you sincerely look for the true business model or just get enamored with the newness of it all?

3. Furthermore, do you have substantial marketing skills that can make this business work for you?

If you easily get enamored, it is in your best interest to do plenty of research before you decide, not to mention that it’s helpful to have true marketing skills. This is why it’s important that you read this ENTIRE Neucopia Review before you make a final decision on anything.

This Neucopia Review Tells All!

The company was founded by Rich Cook, a gentleman that says that this company was going to be better than Empower Network and Network Marketing VT, because it will not have the same financial issues. What issues?

I don’t get too caught up in the hype, so when I read this statement, I wasn’t floored by it. I’m pretty much focused on what I have in front of me, so Neucopia will have to do its work without me. At this point in time, there is a ton of excitement about this, but does anyone really know what it is? NO!

What I can tell you, is that it appears that they fully intend to launch a platform like Empower Network, and with that being said, only you can decide what is right for you. At this point, you may or may not have been a part of Empower Network or Network Marketing VT; however, I can assure you that a company without strong training and compensation won’t last very long.

What Will You Gain From This Neucopia Review?

So, what can you get from this Neucopia Review? Simply put, if you want a strong online marketing platform Neucopia may not be what you want. Before you join Neucopia or any company, whether affiliate or MLM, do the research about the founder, and find out how they fully intend to structure the company.

1. What is the real product?

2. What is the potential?

3. Is it something others are looking for too?

If the answer is a resounding no, I would steer clear. Make sense?

I hope that this Neucopia Review was helpful, and should you need help marketing your business of choice, CLICK HERE now!

Solo Ads Marketing- What The Heck Is It?

Solo Ads MarketingSolo ads marketing gets a lot of buzz among those that are working in network marketing and affiliate marketing. Truly, it seems that anyone marketing online is searching for the best way to market themselves around the clock for the best return on investment. What business doesn’t focus on ROI?

Exactly. So, if you are working your business, you understand even better what it’s like to try and create a marketing budget out of your own earnings, and when you first get started it’s tough when the money is coming right out of your own pocket.

This is why it’s important for you to learn more about solo ads marketing, which is what I want to talk to you about today. If you want to learn another method of marketing that you can add to your arsenal with less expense, then keep reading, and be sure to bookmark this page so that you can refer back to it later and share it with others!

What Solo Ads Marketing Really Means!

So, you want to know more about solo ads marketing? Ah, it’s really simple folks. It’s a campaign you run all on your own. It’s not really an article, but more of an advertorial. The word advertorial tells you what it is, meaning, it’s two things really:

1. An advertisement
2. An editorial

Make sense? You alone get the advertising space, which means it’s important to get the reader’s attention. This doesn’t mean that any advertising is good advertising, so keep it professional. Remember, if you want to recruit folks that are serious about growing their business, then you need to make your advertorial professional and make it informative.
So, what are the driving forces behind what get your advertising moving and get you noticed?

What Makes Your Solo Ads Marketing Work

So, what is it that determines whether where you decide to place your solo ads marketing will really work for you? The factors that are important include:

1. Frequency of publication
2. Number of subscribers
3. Readership for your market

If you are in a hot market then no doubt you will get read, but if you don’t pay attention to this, you will never get read. This gives you a chance to really work on target marketing, so that if you are marketing to those who want to learn more about nutrition and weight loss, don’t market to skinny folks or those that are health nuts already!

Focus on targeting those with health issues related to obesity and poor eating habits. Make sense? So, it’s not just the platform you choose, it’s always about marketing to your audience as well. If you can marry these two things together, you will no doubt have huge success!

Last but not least, stay away from hype. Doesn’t it make you sick when you read things that over promise and under deliver? Stop posting stuff about luxury vehicles and millions of dollars, and create real, lasting value.

If you found this helpful, please let me know as I am here to help and coach you into success. To learn more about success with solo ads marketing, CLICK HERE now to work with me directly!

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